Story of the World Vol. 3: Early Modern Times


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Remember the Alamo! Also the Sun King, Catherine the Great, and more, as you bring early modern history to life. Investigate the fascinating people and events of the Middle Ages, from the conquest of the New World to the California Gold Rush of 1849. This 2020 Revised Edition includes 48 beautiful new illustrations by Jeff West, easier-to-read formatting, a new timeline, and a pronunciation guide to the names and places. History doesn’t happen in a vacuum; it happens in real places, so we put lots and lots of maps in our history books.

Use this Text along with The Story of the World Vol. 3: Early Modern Times, Activity Book for a full year of history, geography, and literature study along with fun and engaging hands-on activities. Enjoy your studies now and lay the foundation for a life-long interest in, and understanding of, history.

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Susan Wise Bauer