Story of the World Vol. 4: The Modern Age

Bring modern history to life as you marvel at the Crystal Palace, follow Gandhi to the sea, rocket through the Space Race, and more. Investigate the fascinating story of the modern world, from the American Civil War through the end of the twentieth century – from Europe and the Middle East through India, China, the Arabian Peninsula, Australia, and both North and South America!

Use this Text along with the Activity Book for a full year of history, geography, and literature study along with fun and engaging hands-on activities. Designed for parents and students in grades 4 – 8 to share together, The Story of the World, Volume 4: The Modern Age, Revised Edition is widely used in charter and private schools, as well as co-ops. Enjoy your studies now and lay the foundation for a life-long interest in, and understanding of, history.

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Susan Wise Bauer