About Home Works

Home Works for Books is owned and operated by Julie W. Copley and a portion of her family near Kansas City, KS. Julie has a B.S. in Accounting with a minor in Math, Science, and Education; and is a proud alumna of Augusta University in Georgia. She and her husband, Irl, have a blended family of 9 kids total: Irl Jr., Melissa, Kurtis, Kit, Karl, Tina, Jade, Raven, and Tyler; daughters-in-law Sara and Jem; and grandchildren Violet, Arlo, and Elijah.

She started homeschooling her eldest child, Kurtis, in 1997 and is currently homeschooling her youngest child, Tyler. During the late 90’s and into 2010’s of homeschooling, she was involved with co-ops here in the KCK area, acquired Home Works from a previous owner, fostered over a hundred children, adopted several of those children, and has helped many parents and families within the local homeschool community, any convention she attends, and anyone who reaches out to her via e-mail.

In the early days of Home Works, our business model was reselling used books and supplies in good condition. With having so many children at different ages and in different social circles, Julie acquired and set up Home Works to help parents give their children a great education at a great price. Since those days, we have partnered with different publishers (Christian, Secular, and Neutral) to sell their new and most recent editions while still offering a great price. In the past, we have also partnered with other local homeschool co-ops and have provided them their curriculum and supplies.

Home Works prides itself on having experience with homeschooling alone, as a co-op, homeschooling special needs children, and learning through some of the curriculum that we sell. Julie, Irl, and their kids take that experience on the road every year to different homeschool conferences and conventions in numerous states.

Thank you for reading about us! If you would like to learn more about us and Home Works or have questions, feel free to contact us via e-mail or stay connected on Facebook and Instagram.