About Home Works

Our family has homeschooled since 1997 and graduated our oldest son, Kurtis, in 2009!

We have a total of 8 kids in our home, who include Kurtis,  Tina, who joined our family in 2007, Katie, Karl, and our three youngest, Jade, Raven and Tyler, who permanently joined our family, March 20, 2011.

We also have older kids outside of our home, Irl, Jr., and, his wife, Sara, who are the proud parents of our beautiful granddaughter, Violet, and grandson, Arlo, and Melissa, who all live in the Kansas City area.

In addition to Home Works and our plumbing business, we also do foster care for kids who need support, both mentally and physically, and to help them to adjust and grow through family life.

Thank you for your support and patience,
Julie and Irl Copley

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