Orders and Shipping

-How much do I need to order to receive free shipping? We require an order of $25 or more to offer free shipping. Any order under $25 will be subject to a $5 shipping fee. Exceptions do apply to AK and HI residents. Regardless of the total cost of your order, a $10 shipping fee will be added due to the high cost of shipping to your state.

-How long until I receive my online order? We do our best to get your curriculum to you. We aim to send out orders within 3 business days of being ordered, but this can go up to 7-10 business days depending on our travel schedule. We also cannot foresee and are not responsible for delays from the delivery companies such as strikes, holidays, weather, or the time it may take to get to your location (if you live in a rural area from major delivery companies , Alaska, or Hawai’i).

-What if I ordered an out-of-stock item at a conference? How long will it take to receive an in-person order?

We aim to provide you with curriculum that you can take home. There are two reasons we are out of stock at a conference:

  1. We did not bring enough, and we have more inventory at our warehouse in KS.
  2. We completely depleted our inventory and there are no remaining units at our warehouse.

If scenario 1 occurs, once we return to our warehouse, we will fulfill your order as soon as possible. If scenario 2 occurs, we will need to order more from the publisher, wait for delivery from them, and then send your order to you as soon as possible.

-Do you ship to Canada, Mexico, or any other country outside of the U.S.A.?

Unfortunately we do not accept and ship international orders at this time.

Used Curriculum:

As Home Works for Books has grown from our roots, we unfortunately no longer buy-back used curriculum as of January 2022.  This was implemented due to terms we agreed to with the publishers we are contracted with. We especially no longer buy-back used curriculum at conventions. However, we will accept donations of:

  • items in good or like new conditions with no damage or writing on exterior and interior of the book(s).
  • games and puzzles that contain all of their pieces.
  • Undamaged good or like new school supplies.

There is a flat limit of these donations of 2 Bankers® boxes or similar dimensions. One Bankers box has dimensions of: 24 in x 15 in x 10 ¼ in.

Consignments are limited and fall under the same guidelines as donations. If you are interested, please direct message us on Facebook or Instagram, or e-mail us about consignment between September through February.

Return Overview

Below is our basic return policy. If you would like to initiate a return, please see our Return Policy and Guidelines page for important information on how to return your items, and send us an e-mail to notify us. If you have questions, please contact us via Facebook, Instagram, or e-mail: [email protected] .

  • We will accept:
      • an item with or without original packaging if unused (no writing on or inside of book) and undamaged (no tears, rips, missing pages, water damage) returned within 45 calendar days of purchase. Once 45 calendar days from purchase have passed, we will not accept returns or exchanges, only offer store credit via digital gift card.
      • Exceptions include sensory bins, games, and toys. These are not returnable.
      • Any items passed the 45 calendar days return period must have proof of purchase and be reviewed. If accepted by us, you will only receive store credit.
  • We will not accept:
      • Items without proof of purchase.
      • Items passed the 45 calendar day policy even if unopened, unused, and undamaged; unless for store credit.
      • Items with obvious damage or use.
      • Used lab kits, as some lab kits contain hazardous materials, flammable solutions, perishable ingredients, and non-reusable items.
      • Any hazardous materials and flammable solutions.
      • Sensory bins after 2 calendar days from purchase.
      • Any games or toys.
      • Gift cards; both digital and physical, if any.
      • CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, cassette tapes, vinyl records that have been opened.
      • Any item not in original condition, damaged, or has missing parts not due to our error.
      • Downloadable software products
      • The use of our policy to commit theft against us.

When you initiate a return, you are accepting the terms in our Return Policy and Guidelines. Please send us an e-mail to notify us of your return and expect to receive it. Once received by us, the exterior and interior of your return parcels and items are photographed for both our (Home Works for Books) and your (the customer’s) interest. We will inspect the item(s) returned and will correspond with you on whether it is within our policy and guidelines and if it is approved or denied. All returns are subject to partial refunds or store credit.


Refunds are determined by the condition the item is returned to us; please see the Return Policy and Guidelines for clarification. Once your return is received, inspected, and we approve the return, then your refund will be applied to your original method of payment. The refund may take up to 7-10 business days to show on your account. Items bought with cash at conferences or conventions that are returned within the 45 calendar day period must have proof of purchase and can be refunded via check, Paypal, and Venmo.


If you would like to exchange for a different item instead of return, we will gladly exchange:

  • An item with or without original packaging if unused (no writing on or inside of book) and undamaged (no tears, rips, water damage) within 45 calendar days of purchase. Once 45 calendar days from purchase have passed, we will not accept returns or exchanges, only offer store credit via digital gift card.
  • Major misprints recognized by the publisher.
  • Items damaged in transit. If there is visible damage to the parcel and you suspect damage to the item, a video of you receiving and opening the package to observe the contents for the first time is encouraged.
  • Defective school supplies, lab kits, microscopes, if any purchased.

These will be exchanged for items you prefer. There may be a +/- difference in cost for the item(s). Remaining costs that are positive mean we owe you the difference in cost.  Remaining costs that are negative mean that you owe Home Works the difference in cost.

Travel Schedule

Home Works for Books is known to attend conferences in the Midwest and Southeast. Our home conference is the Midwest Parent Educators conference in Kansas City, MO. While we have our staple conferences we attend, Home Works for Books is growing and we are open to attending more that we are invited to or that we discover through networking and social media.

-Will you be adding to your travel schedule?

We typically have our schedule decided by January of every year due to reservations of booths, hotels, and RV spots. We are not opposed to adding, but it may be difficult to offer all of our services and products if we do.

-I see that Northern and Western states are not part of your schedule. Will you plan on attending any in WA, OR, ID, UT, CA, AZ, AK, or NM?

We are currently debating on expanding to Western conferences in the future. As of  September 2023, we have added CA as our first state to test the waters. But we will post our decisions on FB and IG about these considerations for next season.

Contact us and let us know about a convention you would like us to attend!


Interested in us holding your products? Please supply us a copy of your product(s), information about your company and product, why you want us to hold your item, wholesale pricing, and your sales information.

**Be aware, we no longer acquire new products between February and August and especially at conventions. All new products and contracts are considered between September and January of every year. **

Need help?

If you need clarification on our FAQ terms, e-mail us at: [email protected] .