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Hello and welcome! We would like you to know we appreciate you for visiting our site. It is currently under construction, but made so you can still browse and shop. However, sometimes components stop working without us knowing and we apologize for that. Upon that, we are constantly adding new and current books, supplies, and games to our inventory but our website does not reflect all of our older inventory that we may have. Please review the list below and get in touch with us!

In the event that there is/are:

  • A book, brand, or information you can’t find
  • Website component that is not working while you shop
  • A question or concern not covered by our FAQ page or an FAQ needing clarification
  • Questions about our consults and glossary
  • Miscellaneous questions

 e-mail us at: H[email protected] 


Address parcels, return orders, checks, and letters to:

Home Works for Books

1298 N. 1135 Rd.

Lawrence, KS 66047


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