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Welcome to Homeworks For Books, your one-stop shop for all your homeschooling supplies. We understand the unique needs of homeschooling families, and we are committed to providing high-quality educational resources. On this page, we are delighted to showcase our collection of Notgrass History products, specifically designed to support Christian homeschooling parents in teaching history effectively.

Notgrass History: Discover the Story of the World

Notgrass History is a trusted publisher that offers comprehensive and engaging history curriculum with a Christian worldview. With a focus on storytelling, critical thinking, and biblical principles, Notgrass History empowers homeschooling parents to guide their children towards a deep understanding and appreciation of history. Our selection of Notgrass History resources will equip you with the tools necessary to make history come alive in your homeschool.

Explore Our Notgrass History Collection

History Curriculum: Discover our range of Notgrass History curriculum options that provide a comprehensive study of world history and American history. These curriculum materials include textbooks, primary source documents, literature selections, and engaging activities. With Notgrass History, you can easily implement a thorough and engaging history program tailored to your child's grade level and abilities.

Biblical Integration: Notgrass History integrates biblical principles throughout the curriculum, helping students understand the historical events and their relevance to their faith. By exploring history through a Christian worldview, students gain a deeper understanding of God's providence and the impact of faith on historical figures and events.

Hands-on Activities: Enhance your child's learning experience with Notgrass History's hands-on activities. These resources provide interactive projects, maps, timelines, and other engaging materials that bring history to life. Notgrass History's hands-on activities make history memorable and enjoyable for your homeschooling journey.

Literature Selections: Dive in depth into the large selection of paired literature. Each curriculum package has a matching set of literature and guidelines on when to read each book, as well as follow up review questions. This gives students a new perspective outside of reading only a textbook.

Why Choose Notgrass History?

Christian Worldview: Notgrass History offers a curriculum that aligns with Christian values and integrates biblical principles into the study of history. This approach helps students develop a deeper understanding of history from a Christian perspective.

Engaging Storytelling: Notgrass History employs a storytelling approach to history, making the past come alive for students. Through captivating narratives and personal accounts, students develop a genuine interest and connection to historical events and figures.

Comprehensive Study: Notgrass History provides a comprehensive study of history, covering major events, important figures, and cultural contexts. The curriculum encourages critical thinking, analysis, and reflection, enabling students to develop a well-rounded understanding of the world's history.

Unlock Your Child's Love for History with Notgrass History

At Homeworks For Books, we are committed to providing homeschooling parents with top-quality history resources. Our Notgrass History products will empower you to inspire your child's love for history with a Christian perspective. Shop our collection today and unlock your child's potential with Notgrass History.

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