Mission & Vision

Home Works for Books strives to provide curriculum and educational materials for all kinds of homeschool families at any point in their educational journey. We are passionate about homeschooling as it provides freedom in lifestyle, education, and religion, as well as an involved relationship between parent and child. Home Works for Books recognizes the homeschooling community as mostly Christian, but also sees new groups of Secular and Neutral homeschoolers have emerged; at the end of the day, we respect all homeschoolers and their views and only want to provide support and the best curriculum for you and your child.

We have supported our local homeschool community for years and we aim to provide support for the national community by providing consultations on curriculum and types of homeschooling. In building our warehouse this year, we hope to provide employment opportunities for local homeschool parents and create a small shop for customers to browse products in person. Whether you are an expert homeschooler or novice, we are here for you.

If you’d like more information about our mission, head to our Contact Us page.