ACSI Physical Science Student Textbook


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The ACSI/Purposeful Design Physical Science Student Edition Textbook will teach students about the basics of physical science. Written from a Christian perspective, this textbook encourages students to embrace science as the systematic study of God's creation through observation and experimentation-and to use the study of physical science to help us better understand and appreciate God's creation. Seven units cover matter, types of substances, interactions of matter, matter in motion, energy at work, sound and light, and electricity and magnetism. Units begin with a list of new vocabulary and key ideas. Chapters within the unit include objectives, photos, interesting sidebars, ""try this"" activities, charts, and more. Chapters end with lesson review questions.

Additional features include: -Worldview connections -Scientific inquiry and investigation exercises that develop critical thinking skills -Hands-on learning activities that excite students to want to know more -A focus on the language and processes of science -Tools to help students be responsible for understanding concepts and lesson objectives -Grades 6-9. 454 pages, indexed, hardcover. Non-consumable textbook. NIV Scripture used.

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