Adventures in the Scientific Method Level 4


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Going deeper into creation, Level 4 of the Let’s Talk Science series takes students through the basics of the scientific method. In this beautiful, full-color science curriculum, homeschool students discover God’s wisdom in chemistry and marine biology. Students will explore systems of measurements, elements of the periodic table, and various marine plants and animals, all while diving deeper into God’s Word and His character.

A continuation of our science journey with Ben and Hannah, Let’s Talk Science 4: Adventures in the Scientific Method is an interactive and easy-to-use science course. Your student’s faith and curiosity will be encouraged!

Along the way, they’ll discover Hidden Treasures that teach them more about their relationship with God as they encounter His wisdom, power, and majesty on display in creation. The learning process in Adventures in the Scientific Method includes:

Conversational lessons, “apply it” activities, lab reports, and Bible memory verses Vocabulary words bolded throughout and a Science Notebook students create Conducting experiments and building model biomes Course Objectives:

Students completing this course will:

Explore elements of chemistry and marine biology, including the scientific method, lab reports, measurements, matter, the periodic table of elements, mixtures, solutions, chemistry application, tides, tide pools, algae, seagrass, coral reefs, and marine life. Uncover how our worldview impacts the study of science and learn a simple question to discern observational science from historical science. Learn how to apply the scientific method and create their own lab reports. Discover that science teaches many lessons about God and our relationship with Him. Compile a unique Science Notebook as they document what they’ve learned and share it with others.

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