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For ages 7-9. In Adventures on Planet Earth, your student will explore topics spanning from ecology to stewardship of our world. Through conversational lessons, hands-on expression, and activities, your student will encounter God’s design as they learn about biomes, climates, the food chain, trees, forest structure, decomposers, symbiotic relationships, and more.

While exploring four of the world’s major biomes, your student will also compile a personalized Science Notebook to document and share what they’ve learned each week. Along the way, they’ll discover hidden treasures that teach them more about their relationship with God as they encounter His wisdom, power, and majesty on display in creation.

Using the Master Books’ method of education, this full-color course offers: -Conversational lessons -Apply It opportunities -Digging Deeper into topics -Writing and drawing in their own Science Notebook -A helpful course calendar and materials list to make completing the course easier. -Vocabulary words highlighted throughout. -Opportunities for students to create their own models of the biomes!

Course Objectives Students completing this course will: -Explore elements of ecology including the food chain, climates, forest structure, symbiotic relationships, stewardship, and decomposition -Discover that science teaches many lessons about God and our relationship with Him -Learn to watch for elements of God’s design as they study science -Compile a unique Science Notebook as they document what they’ve learned and share it with others

Presented as a conversation between siblings Ben and Hannah, Let’s Talk Science 3: Adventures on Planet Earth is an exciting and easy-to-use science course. Your homeschool student will discover unique and interesting places on our planet while expanding their vocabulary and developing a deeper understanding of God as Creator and His Word.

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