Analytical Grammar Level 2: Mechanics Universal Bundle


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This level provides guidelines for punctuation, capitalization, and usage rules for students that already have a basic foundation in grammar.

In this level, students will learn about: Comma Splits Commas Items in a Series Two Adjectives Tests Compound Sentences Introductory Elements Interrupters Names, Dates, and Places Direct Quotations Titles Possessives Capitalization Pronouns-Antecedent Agreement Subject-Verb Agreement Which Pronoun? Adjective or Adverb? Transitive and Intransitive Verbs

Get the materials you need for Analytical Grammar Level 2: Mechanics in this set.

This set includes:

Instructor Handbook

Getting Started guide with a suggested schedule Instructor-specific notes with tips and additional explanations on possible points of confusion Inset Student Worktext pages with solutions for all student work Item-by-item scoring guide for all assessments Softcover; 186 pages

Student Worktext

Student notes with instructions and examples Exercises for practice and applying knowledge Softcover; 182 pages

Analytical Grammar


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