Analytical Grammar Level 3: Parts of Speech Student Worktext


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In this level, students will build their knowledge by exploring complex information about parts of speech and their interactions. Students will learn to analyze and identify the roles that parts of speech play in a sentence.

Students will further develop their skills in: Nouns, Adjectives, and Articles Pronouns Prepositional Phrases Subject and Verb Adverbs Sentence Patterns 1–5 Helping Verbs Conjunctions and Compound Situations

The Student Worktext for Analytical Grammar Level 3: Parts of Speech includes:

Student notes with instructions and examples Exercises for practice and applying knowledge Application & Enrichment activities with weekly instruction and practice for functional writing skills Assessments Reinforcement worksheets to keep skills sharp between Level 3: Parts of Speech and Level 4: Phrases and Clauses Softcover; 262 pages

Analytical Grammar


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