Analytical Grammar Level 5: Punctuation and Usage Instructor’s Handbook


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Level 5: Punctuation and Usage focuses on developing a comprehensive knowledge of punctuation and word usage. Students will round out their grammar knowledge by combining the proper use of punctuation with all they have learned about grammar constructs.

Students will further develop their skills in: Comma Errors Comma Rules 1–11 Punctuating Quotations Punctuating Dialogue Punctuating Titles Semicolons and Colons Forming the Possessive Capitalization Punctuation/Capitalization Review Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement Subject-Verb Agreement Which Pronoun? Who or Whom? Adjective or Adverb? Active and Passive Voice

The Instructor Handbook for Analytical Grammar Level 5: Punctuation and Clauses includes:

Getting Started guide with a suggested schedule Instructor notes with tips and explanations on possible points of confusion Inset Student Worktext pages with solutions for all student work Item-by-item scoring guide for all assessments Softcover; 288 pages

Analytical Grammar


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