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Those who follow Mr. Anno on this delightful journey through Denmark will discover a land of sunny dunes, Viking ruins, colorful seaports, Shakespeare's Hamlet and his father's ghost, and fairy tale characters in every scene.

For Denmark is the magical land of Hans Christian Andersen, where mermaids fall in love with princes, where emperors parade naked, and where ugly ducklings turn into swans. Tiny Thumbelina, the Steadfast Tin Soldier, and the Nightingale are just a few of the beloved characters depicted here. So taken was Mr. Anno with the power of Andersen's Fairy Tales, that he visited the author's birthplace many times and credited Andersen with a turning point in his artistic career.

As a loving homage to one of the world's greatest storytellers, Mitsumasa Anno has created in Anno's Denmark a work of joy, humor, and whimsy. Now available for the first time with Mr. Anno's delightful notes about each scene translated from Japanese to English.

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