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This year-long homeschooling history curriculum is a literature approach to the fascinating history of the Golden State!

Designed for the intermediate homeschooling student, this course fulfills the California History requirement for fourth or fifth-grade. In addition to the award-winning literature and corresponding Socratic questions prompting discussion and discovery, students will also study art, poetry, geography, music, and culinary history. Beautiful drawings of plants and animals familiarize students with the unique gifts of nature indigenous to this state, cultivating respect and wonder for the natural world.

A journal accompanies the curriculum where students will record all they learn, creating a memorable keepsake. Everything included in this study has been approved for charter school purchase and use. Curriculum Pack Includes: 1 Teacher Guide 1 blank Notebook 22 Books

•80 Lessons •3 lessons per week for a one-year study

Beautiful Feet

Hardback, Paperback

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