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Explore: This full-color timeline of math history provides a visual map that goes beyond formulas and theories to help you explore the incredible way this area of study has helped men explore God’s consistent creation and complete real-life tasks. From creation onwards, math has affected history, fueling ancient empires, facilitating scientific innovations, and propelling advanced technology. It helps us glimpse the distant wonders of the observable universe and helps us see how much more there is to learn about God’s creation! And the Bible gives us the key to understanding why math is even possible and how it points to the Creator.

Discover: Mathematicians and the history behind math methods and notations; its application, both the expected and unexpected; cutting-edge inventors and innovators; and much more. Even lingering unknowns await as you discover crucial past and present math connections within music, sports, weather, manufacturing, medicine, artificial intelligence, earth exploration, and much, much more!

Learn: Open this amazingly detailed chart and embark on an engaging journey through the milestones of mathematics. Enjoy this continuous quest for understanding the quantities and consistencies that govern God’s amazing world.

Includes a helpful guide with additional information and suggested activities. Read, explore, discover, and learn!

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