Blinky Bread Board Kit


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Build a genuine "bread board” circuit on a block of wood you can proudly display on your wall. (A screw-eye hanger and batteries are included!) Construction is step by step, testing and demonstrating how transistors, resistors, and capacitors work together to form an active 3-phase Flip-Flop (AKA astable multivibrator) circuit driving 3 LEDs. Reading schematic diagrams is reinforced by having the parts laid out in the same pattern to help teach this important skill. Soldering Skills and soldering iron, tack hammer, pliers, wire cutters, push pin tape, and lead pencil are required. We recommend our Quality Tool Set for our kits that require soldering. Eighteen pages contain assembly instruction, circuit operation, and additional experiments are included. If you have some electronic skills and wish to introduce a “prospective student” (AKA son/daughter or grandchildren) to electronics, this is great as an introductory project into electronics, or as a side project when doing our LED Scope Part 1. Adult supervision is recommended for younger children. All parts and batteries are included. All parts, battery, safety lanyard are included with detailed instructions and schematic. Recommended Age 10 and up (7 – 9 with an Adult).



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