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A fact book introducing every country on earth! In the process of developing Beautiful Feet Books’ new World Geography and Ecology curriculum, writer Rebecca Manor had the idea of a book that would introduce students to all 196 fascinating countries of the world. Short entries for each country would include capital cities, locator maps, demographics, fun facts, national parks, and, of course, gorgeous photos to stoke students’ curiosity. And thus was born the Book of Nations!

This book is intended to introduce readers to the amazing beauty and diversity of the world’s countries. An information-packed page or two for each country introduces students to the fascinating history and culture of every country in the world. Here you’ll glimpse towering mountains, sparkling beaches, jaw-dropping canyons, remarkable animal species, and much more. You’ll discover that, while Mount Everest is the highest peak above sea level, the point on earth closest to outer space is actually located somewhere different, and the tallest mountain from base to summit is even somewhere else. You’ll learn about underground caverns so large they have their own forests, beaches, and even ecosystems. You’ll learn about ancient cities that have been continuously inhabited for millennia.

We hope this book stirs up your curiosity about the wonders of creation and the people with whom we share it!

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