Civics and the Consitution


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For grades 10-12. Civics is the study of how government works, but this course is so much more than that. To understand how government ought to work, you first have to know the framework and principles of the people who designed and structured it. Then, you must also be aware of your responsibilities as a citizen within it.

The U.S. Constitution impacts your life and future in ways you probably never imagined. Now delve into the history and everyday applications of the Constitution as you learn how: -The three branches of government are meant to interact β€” and what happens throughout history when checks and balances have been ignored or circumvented -You and other citizens can carefully vet candidates that adhere to the Constitution as it was written -To work to support legislation that works within constitutional boundaries and not special political party interests

The U.S. Constitution remains one of the most amazing safeguards of liberty ever written, but it only works if β€œwe the people” know not just our rights, but the way the government is designed to work β€” not for the benefit of an all-powerful federal government or per the whims of a judge or political party β€” but the actual protections at every level that are designed to keep power in the hands of the population for which it must serve.

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