Discovering Design with Biology Slide Lab Kit


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This kit is for use with Discovering Design with Biology. This is not required if you are not doing the microscope experiments. If you need a microscope also you might want to consider the Biology Complete Microscope Lab Kit Contents: -Blank microscope slides -Slide coverslips -Methylene blue -Iodine -Three medicine droppers -Lens paper -Prepared slide: Onion Tip Root -Prepared slide: Leaf cross-section with vein -Prepared slide: Ascaris mitosis -Prepared slide: Paramecium -Prepared slide: Amoeba Proteus -Prepared slide: Diatoms -Prepared slide: Euglena -Prepared slide: Volvox -Prepared slide: Spirogyra -Prepared slide: Hydra budding -Prepared slide: Planarian whole mount -Prepared Slide: Zea Mays Root cross-section -Prepared Slide: Zea Mays stem cross-section -Prepared Slide: Ranunculus Root cross-section -Prepared Slide: Ranunculus stem cross-section