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Discovering Design with Biology is a comprehensive laboratory-based high school biology course, designed for college-bound students. This course introduces students to the complex design of living organisms and their interactions within the environment. It encompasses a broad spectrum of topics, including the classification of life, chemical processes essential for life, and cellular structures and functions.

The curriculum delves into fundamental biological processes such as photosynthesis, cellular respiration, and reproduction. Following this, it surveys a wide array of organisms, from microorganisms to plants, emphasizing biogeochemical cycles and ecosystem dynamics. The course integrates discussions on life’s design and adaptability, alongside critical perspectives on the modern evolutionary synthesis.

Totaling 180 hours, with 40 hours of hands-on laboratory work, the course features diverse experiments like DNA extraction, enzyme activity studies, and various dissections. Students also conduct microscopic analyses, such as observing mitosis and examining the microscopic structure of plants and animals. The dissection component includes earthworms, crayfish, fish, and frogs.

Lab work is categorized into three types: household item, dissection, and microscope. For lab credit, all household experiments and either dissection or microscope experiments are required. For honors credit, completion of all three types is necessary.

Available Lab Kits (for separate purchase):

  • Biology Dissection Lab Kit
  • Biology Complete Microscope Lab Kit (includes both the microscope and slide set)
  • Biology Microscope Slide Lab Kit
  • Biology Microscope

The set includes the textbook and the Answer Key & Tests book. Lab kits, essential for the hands-on component of the course, are available separately to complement the students’ learning experience.