Discovering Design with Chemistry Textbook


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This college-prep chemistry course shows how studying chemistry reveals the amazing design that exists all around us. From the details of the atomic structure to the makeup of the very air we breathe, chemistry shows us the marvelous handiwork of God. This course covers a wide range of chemistry topics, from the basic classification of matter to the complexities of chemical reactions and molecular geometry. The textbook is designed for an independent study approach, guiding students through the fundamental principles of chemistry, including atomic structure, spectroscopy, chemical bonding, and various physical and chemical changes. It also covers advanced topics such as stoichiometry, thermodynamics, and chemical equilibrium, preparing students for college-level chemistry. This course requires a student to have already completed Algebra 1.

This textbook provides a full, year-long course with 46 hands-on experiments to illustrate the concepts. Note: Answers to textbook review questions are found in Discovering Design with Chemistry Answer Key & Tests purchased separately. Lab Kit sold separately.