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Let your student dive into a solid introductory physics course presented by a university professor in a conversational tone offering plenty of practical applications and experiments to perform right at home. This laboratory-based high school physics course is the first physics course a college-bound student should take. It gives the student an introduction to the basics, such as Newton’s Laws of Motion, Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation, work, energy, and power, waves, sound, and light, electrical potential, electric fields, circuits, resistance, and current, magnetism, and magnetic fields. The experiments include measuring the acceleration due to gravity, making a one-dimensional Newton’s Cradle, making simple circuits, and making an electromagnet. This course requires an understanding geometry and a knowledge of sine, cosine and tangent.

This set includes both the Textbook and the Answer Key & Tests, providing a full year-long course of 180 hours of instruction, with 35 hours of hands-on experiments using household or easy to obtain items (no purchased kit required).