Early American History Intermediate Teacher Guide


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Welcome to the fascinating world of our nation’s founding. Covering over a thousand years, the literature accompanying this teacher's guide encompasses Native cultures, the Vikings, the Age of Discovery, colonial settlements, revolution, slavery & emancipation, and civil war. We've added several new sections: Rabbit Trails (additional book recommendations) , Crafts and Projects (hands-on activities), Online Resources (websites and videos) , Character Connection (Biblical principles) , and The Historic Table (historical recipes). We've also included historical background information for each section, poetry study, and additional timeline figures. Learning history is most useful when it shows us what we can aspire to and what we ought to avoid or correct. When students complete this study, we hope that they will hold in honor those heroic individuals who sacrificed for the good of our country, that they will understand the basic foundations of civil and religious liberty unique to America's founding, and that they will be able to celebrate the rich mosaic of people who contributed to the founding and development of this nation. We hope that learning about both the triumphs and the tragedies of our history will cultivate a desire in students to be a part of our nation’s continued striving toward a “more perfect union” for all.

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