Early American History Primary Bundle


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Sure to ignite curiosity about our nation's history, this Early American History Through Literature study will take you and your K-3 homeschooling students through the first Indigenous people of the Americas, the Vikings discovery of America, the exploration, colonization, settlement, and establishment of the United States. Spanning 1000 AD to the mid-1800's this course makes teaching this literature-rich curriculum easy and fun!

The open-and-go homeschool teacher's guide makes it easy to use the best literature to teach the story of the United States. We have pored over 150+ history titles to choose the best "living books" so you and your students can dive into engaging stories accompanied by beautiful illustrations. Travel through time to meet Leif Erikson, Benjamin Banneker, Myles Standish, Harriet Tubman, Benjamin Franklin, Pocahontas, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and dozens of others.

Learning history is most useful when it shows us what we can aspire to and what we ought to avoid or correct. When homeschooling students complete this curriculum, we hope they will hold in honor those heroic individuals who sacrificed for the good of our country, that they will understand the basic foundations of civil and religious liberty unique to America's founding, and be able to celebrate the rich mosaic of people who contributed to the founding and development of this nation.