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Start at the surface and dig your way into the fascinating world of dinosaurs, fossil finds, and sea monsters with Master Books’ homeschool science curriculum, Elementary Paleontology. Designed to deliver an unforgettable biblical worldview of dinosaurs to students ranging from 4th – 6th grade, this course proves the silliness of evolution and trains your student to defend their faith in God’s Word.

Hands-on-activities in this course add to the fun lessons which are scheduled for 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week! Students will complete dinosaur profiles, create their own flash cards and dinopedia, make edible dinosaur eggs, keep a journal, and more!

Course Objectives:

  • Dig into the various kinds of dinosaurs that God created — their names, diets, discovery locations, behaviors, and more
  • Explore the process of finding, excavating, cleaning, and assembling dinosaur fossils
  • Learn how to spot false information about dinosaurs and how dinosaurs relate to the Bible
  • Discover the difference between dinosaurs, flying reptiles, and marine reptiles
  • Go deep diving with some of the biggest sea monsters from the past and present
  • Trek through the Alaskan wilderness on the hunt for frozen dinosaur bones

Course Includes:

  1. Elementary Paleontology Teacher Guide Inside the Elementary Paleontology Teacher Guide you will find the suggested weekly schedule with easy-to-manage lessons to guide the reading, worksheets, and all assessments. Pages are perforated and three-hole punched for easy tear out, hand out, grading and storing.

  2. Dinosaurs for Kids This powerful apologetics-based timeline of dinosaur history is presented with eye-popping illustrations and the latest in dinosaur information! Students will learn about dinosaur names and misnomers, what the Bible can teach us about them, and what we can learn from the evidence of their existence. The world of dinosaurs has never been this exciting!

  3. Dinosaurs of Eden (Revised and Updated) The biblical foundation of dinosaurs is presented as a captivating adventure through the Garden of Eden, the exciting days of Noah’s Flood, and the Tower of Babel. Students will learn the true history of the earth and discover the very meaning and purpose of life!

  4. Dragons of the Deep This one-of-a-kind book with its emphasis on ancient “sea monsters” that once roamed the oceans will thrill your students. From the predator Mosasaurus, called the ocean equivalent of T. Rex, to the gigantic turtle Archelon, the beasts who glided through the planet’s oceans no doubt were the inspiration for ancient sightings by mariners who described fantastic encounters on the open ocean.

  5. Great Alaskan Dinosaur Adventures A team of scientists and researchers endured incredible hardships to reach a site many would rather avoid - the Alaskan wilderness. In the process, they uncovered unfossilized dinosaur bones. How can dinosaurs be 65 million years old if their bones are still unfossilized? The discoveries revealed in The Great Alaskan Dinosaur Adventure drop a bombshell on the scientific community.

  6. Dinosaurs by Design Dinosaurs by Design takes you into the exciting world of dinosaurs to find out what they were really like. Discover how fossils are formed, dug up, and assembled for museums. Travel with the dinosaurs as they board Noah's ark and then enter the strange new world after the flood. Find out what happened to the dinosaurs and if there are any alive today. Dinosaurs by Design offers an exciting exploration of the magnificent creatures God designed and created.

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