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The vital resource for grading all assignments from the Elementary Zoology course, which includes:

Instructional material enhanced with worksheets and quizzes, all from a Christian creationist perspective. Bonus activities that provide additional learning experiences for students. OVERVIEW: Zoology is the study of life, often connected with biology and focused on animals, which is why we have those places called ""zoos"" all across the country. However, while the secular focus of zoology is on life origins and evolution, this course celebrates the wonder of God's creation and His unique design of all life on earth. This course has been developed to enhance learning about the diverse and amazing animals we see in our world. From the tiniest to the largest, you will be exploring what makes them unique as you celebrate their place in the world God created. Although the material can be modified for your own educational purposes, either on an elementary or more advanced level, it has been organized here to fit a one-year course.

FEATURES: The calendar provides daily sessions with clear objectives and worksheets and quizzes all based on the readings.

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