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In Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Zoology 1: Flying Creatures, 2nd Edition, students will soar to new heights as they learn about the dynamics of flight and the uniqueness of birds, the value and misconceptions of bats, and the anatomy of insects (they’ll even get to collect and study some for a project!). After students complete this study of zoology, they will never view or interact with nature in the same way again.

Lesson Plans and Materials
This 1-year Zoology 1 course contains 14 lessons. Detailed lesson plans and a suggested daily schedule are included in the Notebooking Journal (sold separately) to set you and your child up for success.

This course covers the following lessons:

Lesson 1: What is Zoology?
Lesson 2: Entomology
Lesson 3: Butterflies and Friends
Lesson 4: Supremely Social
Lesson 5: Bee Happy
Lesson 6: Battling Beetles, Filthy Flies, and Bona Fide Bugs
Lesson 7: Interesting Insects
Lesson 8: Tyrannical Pterosaurs
Lesson 9: Birds in Abundance
Lesson 10: Fascinating Feathers
Lesson 11: Fabricated for Flying
Lesson 12: Nature’s Nifty Nests
Lesson 13: Matching and Hatching
Lesson 14: Beloved Bats
Packed with vivid photos and a variety of hands-on activities, the Student Textbook and Notebooking Journal (sold separately) together provide an engaging experience that lifts learning off the page. All of the activities use easy-to-obtain household items and truly make the lessons come alive!

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