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Take a journey under the sea with God’s amazing creatures in Exploring Creation with Zoology 2: Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day, 2nd Edition, geared toward elementary students. In this special ocean-centered zoology book, students will learn all about God’s glorious design of swimming creatures.

Young explorers will also have fun conducting interactive experiments and hands-on activities from the textbook and notebooking journal (sold separately). They will even create their very own ocean box, adding in creatures as they learn about them.

Curriculum Overview Students’ journey under the sea begins with an introduction to oceanography, which includes topics such as the oceans’ structure, salinity, tides, and waves. After becoming young oceanographers, students will continue their adventures by studying marine biology. They will learn all about God’s amazing swimming creatures, including whales, cephalopods, mollusks, gastropods, and more. They’ll learn not only about the creatures’ historical, physical, and behavioral significance but also about their important connections to humans.

Hands-On Experiments Students will investigate topics such as powerful water pressure, dazzling density, and stupendous hagfish slime by conducting at-home experiments using common household items. These engaging, hands-on activities bring learning to life and create an atmosphere of fun!



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