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Realistic solutions and strategies for everyday, real life Easy to read for today's fast-paced family Time-tested techniques -- all biblically based Stand-alone or comprehensive group study With culture wars overwhelming the country and assaults on the traditional family worse than ever, it is vital that parents keep one thing in mind: failure is not an option. In this dynamic new series from Dr. Ronnie Floyd, parents and kids have access to invaluable information for surviving problems inside and out- side the home. A fresh and innovative guide to getting your family back on track, the series will help in refocusing on what should be the most important priorities in your life. Each book is tailored for different family members or real life situations. From biblical wisdom for relating to parents, to money matters for Mom and Dad, Floyd offers a comprehensive guide for Christian families of any denomination. Based on 16 years of pastoral experience to a huge congregation and countless hours of prayerful study, Dr. Floyd's insights will challenge and equip your family to survive and thrive in these turbulent times.

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Floyd, Ronnie