Farm Anatomy Activities for Kids: Fun, Hands-On Learning


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Help kids ages 8 to 12 discover how awesome and fun farms can be

No matter where you live, you can learn all about the amazing things that happen on farms. Farm Anatomy Activities for Kids combines the joy of hands-on experiments and activities with easy-to-understand lessons that teach you all about farm life.

This farm anatomy activity book helps you think more like a farmer and understand how nature, crops, and animals shape the way we live. You’ll learn about all the different parts of a farm, the plants and animals you might find there, and how farms create the food you eat and the material for the clothes you wear.

Farm Anatomy Activities for Kids includes:

Educational lessons–Learn about the various parts of a farm, how they raise plants and animals, and the ways farms connect to your daily life no matter where you live.
Ways to play–Try out cool experiments like growing crops without soil or making a mason bee house.
Journal prompts–Reflect on what you’ve learned about farm anatomy with the thoughtful writing prompts paired with each activity.
Take kids on an educational journey down to the farm without ever leaving home.

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