Food Anatomy Activities for Kids: Fun, Hands-On Learning


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A hands-on guide to the world of food science for kids ages 8 to 12

The meal on your plate has had many adventures on its way to your belly! Uncover the mysteries of the food you eat with Food Anatomy Activities for Kids, a kids' guide to the incredible history, science, and culture of food. It's packed with easy-to-understand lessons, fun recipes, and engaging experiments to make you feel connected to the food you eat-and make your mouth happy!

Travel on a food journey around the world, taste new things, and learn fun facts. Find out all about foods that are foraged or farmed, sweet or savory, baked or preserved-and don't forget foods that you drink! Get involved by predicting the answers to questions, testing your ideas, and drawing conclusions just like a real food scientist.

Inside Food Anatomy Activities for Kids, you'll:

Follow the life of food-Discover colorfully illustrated lessons on the history and uses of 20 different types of foods. Try awesome activities-Dive into cool experiments like preserving egg yolks with salt, making butter in a mason jar, and growing new fruit from leftover seeds. Think like a scientist-Grab your own notebook and write down your discoveries with the help of in-depth journal prompts after every activity. Take a trip through the wonderful world of food with Food Anatomy Activities for Kids!



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