Foundational Truths: A Modern Catechism


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Foundational Truths: A Modern Catechism offers 52 weekly Bible lessons that will guide Christians of every denomination to live a deeper life with God every single day. Author Israel Wayne recommends you use this book like a personal Q&A with God. As evidenced in how Jesus discipled others, asking questions can be a wonderful means of teaching.

Inside the colorful and engaging pages, you will find answers to 52 important biblical questions such as:

  • What is the purpose of God’s law?
  • What is justification?
  • When will Jesus return?
  • Why must Christians obey God?
  • What is our primary purpose in living?

Using Foundational Truths as a personal Bible study, a mentoring tool, or family devotions will help readers learn to live from God’s Word by clarifying the core tenets of Christianity. It is an easy-to-use companion for anyone seeking to strengthen their understanding of the Bible and their relationship with Almighty God. The graphically engaging lessons reveal the essence of God’s infallible Word making this an essential, faith-building resource for ages 8 and up.

Each of the 52 weekly lessons include:

  • A Life Question
  • A Bible Answer (a summary of the Bible verses used to address the initial questions.)
  • Complete verses listed in the King James Translation
  • An In Action section providing guidance on how to apply what you have learned during the week.
  • Definitions of theological or challenging terms
  • A Scripture checklist to help facilitate memorization or further Bible study
  • A Prayer for the week
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