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Enrich Your Student's Vocabulary!

Strengthen your student’s ability to read, write, decipher new words, and understand meaning through Jensen’s comprehensive Vocabulary course! Vocabulary utilizes a systematic and varied approach in each lesson as students study a group of 20 words through 4 types of exercises—discovering how prefixes, suffixes, and roots combine to create words!

In Vocabulary, students will learn: How to figure out the spelling of a word by the parts that make it up How to think in a logical fashion about words and their meanings How prefixes, suffixes and roots combine to make all kinds of words Roots that give you the keys to hundreds of words How to read and understand as well as express themselves more concisely

Develop an Extensive Understanding Vocabulary equips students with a thorough understanding of the English language for reading, writing, and communicating in high school, college, and beyond! Students who complete Vocabulary over 3 semesters will have learned over 1,000 valuable words from Latin and Greek roots as well as an ability to decipher the meaning of new words through the prefixes, suffixes, and roots incorporated in that word!

An Unrivaled Guide, Updated for a New Generation! Jensen’s writing series has been equipping students with the tools they need to communicative clearly, effectively, and confidently for over 20 years! Jensen’s Vocabulary is now fully-updated and features updated language for clearer communication, simple course organization, and a convenient suggested daily schedule!

Vocabulary Features: Suggested daily schedule—saving you time! Lessons, Worksheets, & Tests General Punctuation Rules Answer Keys Index

Course Features: 30 minutes per lesson, 3 semesters, 5x per week Perforated, 3-hole punched worksheets Recommended Grade Level: 10th - 11th

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