Learn to Solder Kit: Blue-Board


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Our wearable animated LED display Blue-Board Kit with 13 select-able light patterns not only teaches how to solder, but also introduces how a micro-controller can be used to create a light display. Most “Learn to Solder” kits barely give enough soldering practice to become proficient and the instructions are minimal. We include detailed instructions on how to solder along with safety details and a schematic. It includes “Fast Start” soldering instructions as a review for those who have had some soldering experience. Our kit has 40 solder joints, enough to become comfortable with soldering. By using a micro-controller chip and a technique called “charlieplexing,” (which is explained in the kit) only 4 signal lines are required to control the LED s, instead of the usual 10 for its 13 select-able light patterns. The completed Blue-Board can be programmed with patterns by writing new code into the chip using a programming module (the PICkit-2 series is a common one - not included). Kids become very excited at our convention workshops when they have built the Blue-Board. Then they want to show it to their friends who want to build and wear one! All parts, battery, safety lanyard are included with detailed instructions and schematic. Recommended Age 10 and up (7 – 9 with an Adult).



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