LegiLiner Self-Inking Teacher Stamp-Music Staff Roller Stamp


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The LegiLiner self-inking teacher stamp makes music education a breeze. Easily create music staff (5 lines) worksheets with the LegiMusic staff roller stamp. Perfect for quickly creating music staff worksheets, our self inking roller stamp is simple and convenient to use. Designed in the US for teachers by a school-based Occupational Therapy (OT) teacher, the LegiMusic music staff roller stamp is an ideal tool for music teachers to create worksheets for music classes of all levels including: • Musical note identification exercises • Grand staff, treble clef and bass clef worksheets • Beginning music composition • Music fun worksheets • Basic music composition The LegiLiner Self-Inking Teacher Stamp Advantage • A complete portable solution- use anytime, anywhere, ideal for tutoring • Non-smudging ink that dries within seconds. • Quickly draw music lines in workbooks, on worksheets or on any craft or posterboard. • Saves money – durable, long lasting case with refillable ink • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee LegiMusic Roller Stamp Details • Ideal for any level music education worksheets • Easily create music staff lines (5 lines) for bass and treble clef • Refillable: Uses large (2 ml) LegiLiner ink refill pods


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