LegiLiner Self-Inking Teacher Stamp-Small Squares Roller Stamp


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The LegiLiner Self-Inking Teacher Stamp makes handwriting and math practice a breeze. Easily create math and handwriting practice number and letter box worksheets with the LegiBoxes handwriting math and writing small squares roller stamp. Designed in the US for teachers by a school-based Occupational Therapy (OT) teacher, the LegiLiner small squares roller stamp is an ideal tool for supporting a multi-sensory approach to handwriting lower case letters, math and number skills, Our self-inking teacher stamp is ideal for multiple student exercises including: Math-fractions worksheets Identifying patterns worksheets Innovative game boards Use vertically to create ones-tens-hundreds columns for units and place value worksheets The LegiLiner Self-Inking Teacher Stamp Advantage • A complete, portable solution- use anytime, anywhere, ideal for tutoring • Non-smudging ink that dries within seconds. • Quickly draw two rows of letter boxes or 10 frames in workbooks, on worksheets or on any craft or posterboard • Saves money – durable, long-lasting case with refillable ink • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Math and Handwriting Small Squares Roller Stamp Details • Ideal for K-12 math fractions • Easily create multiple use worksheets • Refillable: Uses small (0.5 ml) LegiLiner ink refill pods


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