Magnetic Colored Frame Dry Erase Board with Magnetic Eraser


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DURABLE & LONG LASTING: Our magnetic dry erase board is made with high-quality material, which is sturdy enough to last year after year. Its unique smooth & sleek surface makes it easy to write and erase. Simply draw, wipe off and re-use it forever! PORTABLE MAGNETIC BOARD: The lightweight design of our white board for students allows kids and children to carry and handle them with ease. Excellent for effective interactive learning in playgroup, school or even for use in bed. PERFECT LEARNING TOOL: This magnetic white board will be a great educational tool for kids and students and is a fun and easy way for kids to practice their illustration skills. These boards are suitable for home, kindergarten, school, and even for the office. MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: This magnetic white board comes with a vivid colored frame. The large blank writing surface of our whiteboard gives students lots of room for writing, so you can use it for drawing, spelling, penmanship, math and more. SAVE THE PLANET: The dry erase feature of this magnetic whiteboard allows kids to use it repeatedly. This helps them stop wasting pages upon pages of paper which helps saving the planet & be more environment friendly.

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