Math Lessons for a Living Education Lev 4


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Math Lessons for a Living Education: Level 4 is a Christian homeschool math curriculum designed to help your student excel in learning and practically applying math concepts. Your fourth grade-level student will learn fractions, metric units of measurement, basic geometry, and averaging. The lessons are gentle, yet thorough offering mastery alongside the love of learning. They can be completed in 30 minutes and scheduled 5 days a week over 36 weeks.

Math Lessons for a Living Education is an award-winning math homeschool curriculum series known for helping students love math. The Master Books’ method of education reveals the why behind what your student is learning using short, confidence-building lessons. Families love the grab-and-go nature of this full color, workbook style math curriculum.

Table of Contents: -Using this Course -Schedule -Lesson 1: Review of All Addition and Subtraction Concepts -Lesson 2: Review of Place Value, Estimation, and Rounding -Lesson 3: Review of All Multiplication -Lesson 4: Review of All Division -Lesson 5: Review of All Fractions and Measurement -Lesson 6: Review of All Roman Numerals and Shapes -Lesson 7: New: Fraction Concepts (adding and subtracting like denominators) -Lesson 8: New: Multiplication with Carrying Using 11’s and 12’s -Lesson 9: New: Measurement and Geometric Concepts -Lesson 10: Review of All New Concepts -Lesson 11: Steps of Division (single digit divisor, no remainder) -Lesson 12: Number Grouping - Understanding Larger Multiplication -Lesson 13: More About Division - Including Checking Division -Lesson 14: Division with a Remainder (single digit divisor) -Lesson 15: Metric Units of Measure -Lesson 16: Review of All New Concepts -Lesson 17: Introducing Mixed Numbers (adding and subtracting with like denominators) -Lesson 18: Introducing Equivalent Fractions through Pictures -Lesson 19: More About Equivalent Fractions -Lesson 20: Larger Number Multiplication with Carrying -Lesson 21: Review of All New Concepts -Lesson 22: Writing Decimals and Fractions -Lesson 23: Money Work with Decimals and Fractions -Lesson 24: Relationship Between Fractions, Decimals, and Percents -Lesson 25: Geometry -Lesson 26: More Geometry -Lesson 27: Review of All New Concepts -Lesson 28: Work with Charts and Graphs -Lesson 29: Constructing Charts and Graphs -Lesson 30: Introducing Averaging -Lesson 31: Review of All Addition and Subtraction -Lesson 32: Review of All Division and Multiplication -Lesson 33: Review of All Geometry -Lesson 34: Review of All Measurement -Lesson 35: Review of All Fractional Concepts -Lesson 36: Review of All Decimal Concepts -Manipulative Section -Appendix -Solutions Manual

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