Medieval History 5th-8th Teacher Guide


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This teacher guide has been completely redesigned, expanded, and improved with in-depth study notes, new sections covering Medieval Africa, China, and the Renaissance. Guide features Rabbit Trails, historical recipes, website and video links, and background information.

The term Middle Ages probably conjures up images of brave knights and fair ladies, feasts and tournaments, castles and cathedrals. These are the elements of this time period that capture our imagination. In this course students will learn about King Richard, King Arthur, Saladin, Queen Eleanor, Joan of Arc, Shahrazad and other. They will learn about Martin Luther who revealed a new way to approach God and about John Wycliffe who organized the Bible. Students will learn of Columbus, whose discovery of North America changed the world forever.

The Middle Ages was a very busy time full of change. Brilliant minds lived between the years of 400 and 1600, the years that are covered in the study. By reading some of the best literature on the subject, students will be encouraged to discuss new ideas and social changes. Links to websites, hand-on activities, discussion questions, mapping activities, QR codes, and much more will bring the Middle Ages to life!

•This curriculum contains 98 lessons.

•Complete 3 lessons per week for a one-year study.

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