Men of Science, Men of God


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Scientists choose whether they will believer God's word or discount it.

Explore over 101 biographies of groundbreaking, influential scientists with their Christian testimonies See how the belief in a Creator inspired the earliest explorations of science and still impacts the work of Bible-believing scientists today Science and faith are often considered incompatible in the academic world today. One is seen as representing truth, while the other is viewed as fanciful according to the skeptical, science-centered culture. But the reality is that thousands of scientists, in fact, many of science’s greatest “founding fathers,” believed openly in God as they worked and studied His created world. Learn how their discoveries led them to even greater depths of faith and how their beliefs influenced and inspired their work.

There is nothing in science that can ever prove that God does not exist and, therefore, no way that science can disprove Creation. For so many in the past, the answer was that their faith was inseparable from their science, a powerful point to encourage believers and challenge the skeptics.

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