Modern American and World History Teacher Guide


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This study guide, designed for 5th grade-8th grade homeschoolers, makes teaching this literature-rich curriculum easy. The guide provides detailed background information, study notes, comprehension and discussion questions, writing assignments, website links, a Timeline for a fun hands-on activity, and recommended supplemental literature. Organized into easily followed lessons, students and parents will learn the modern history of our nation along with poetry, geography, and character studies. Through the accompanying literature, your homeschool students will explore one of the most dynamic periods of history in our Modern American and World course that covers the American Civil War up to modern day! Read engaging literature to learn about the events that led to the Civil War, Reconstruction, the turn of the century, both World Wars, Civil Rights, Korean War, Vietnam War, and contemporary America. Study notes provided will cover historical figures like the Wright brothers, Teddy Roosevelt, Gladys Aylward, George Washington Carver, Frederick Douglass, Sergeant York, Jackie Robinson and many others.

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