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MUS Delta presents division as the inverse of multiplication. Single-digit division facts are learned and the concepts of division and place value are applied when solving long division problems.

Major Concepts and Skills Include:
– Using strategies based on place value and properties of operations to divide
– Understanding division as solving for an unknown factor
– Fluently dividing any combination of whole numbers
– Solving abstract and real-world problems involving all four operations
– Interpreting remainders in short and long division
– Understanding fraction notation in light of division

Additional Concepts and Skills:
– Reading and writing Roman numerals
– Dividing, multiplying, adding, and subtracting U.S. currency and standard units of measure
– Understanding angle measure and geometric shapes including points, segments, rays, and lines
– Classifying shapes based on defining attributes
– Understanding and computing area and volume

For customers who already have the required Integer Block Kit, this Set includes Delta:

– Instruction Manual with complete solutions: Softcover, 230 pages
– Instruction DVD
– Student Workbook: Softcover, 435 pages
– Tests booklet: Softcover, 80 pages
– Lifetime access to our Delta Digital Pack
Online versions of the lesson videos, Instruction Manual, and full solutions. You’ll also have access to the Math-U-See Digital Manipulatives and our Worksheet Generator. Access begins at the time of your online purchase or redemption of an access code.

Note: Digital Packs do not include Student Workbook or Tests

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