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Pack a bag and prepare to go to some of the most interesting places in the 50 states. Learn about each state’s flag, motto, fun fast facts, and more as you fill up your passport crisscrossing the country! From Native American history to how immigration impacted the nation, you will explore some of the sites and stories that make this vast land remarkable.

Did You Know: -Montgomery, Alabama, was the site of the first citywide electric trolley system in 1886. -Tennessee is home to the largest underground lake in the United States, the Lost Sea, discovered by a 13-year-old boy in 1905. -Ohio was home to the first professional baseball team, the Cincinnati Red Stockings in 1869. -Benny Benson, an orphan, designed Alaska’s distinctive state flag in 1927. -Montana’s Triple Divide Peak in Glacier National Park is the only place in North America that allows water to flow in three directions — the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, and Hudson Bay. -Texas is the only state to have flags of six different countries fly over it, and it was an independent nation from 1836 to 1846.

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