Reason for Spelling Level D Student Workbook, 2nd Edition


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NEW AND REVISED 2nd EDITION includes updates to weekly read-aloud stories, dictation sentences, student exercises, and more. Recommended for Grade 4. The Level D Student Worktext includes 32 weekly lessons consisting of 5 days of Spelling exercises, activities and games. The week begins with a read-aloud story (found in the Teacher Guidebook) to introduce the topic and theme Scripture text for the week. Students then complete a preview exercise that gauges which of the 18 weekly Spelling words will require the most focused practice. In the following days, children complete a variety of learning activities and word games to help master the Spelling list and underlying concepts. The week concludes with a post-test to allow your child to demonstrate his progress. Note: The weekly theme Scripture text in A Reason For Spelling Level D corresponds with the same week's verse in A Reason For Handwriting Level D, thus reinforcing the Scripture values found in each lesson.

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