Saxon Math 6/5 Homeschool Kit


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To master mathematics, students need to build on prior learning—what new concepts they can learn depends on which concepts they already know. Saxon Math™ provides a learning structure proven to advance students steadily and assuredly to higher levels of understanding. Concepts from every math strand are woven together and connected throughout the year. The Saxon Math 6/5 Homeschool Kit is a comprehensive resource designed for upper elementary math education. This curriculum covers multiplication, division, word problems, fractions, decimals, percents, basic geometry, and an introduction to negative numbers. Every tenth lesson features an investigative study of a specific math topic, ensuring deep understanding and preparation for advanced algebra and geometry.

This kit includes a Student Textbook, a set of consumable Tests and Worksheets, and a Solutions Manual. The two-color Student Textbook is non-consumable and provides 120 lessons, featuring warm-up activities, new concepts, and consistent review. The Tests and Worksheets offer extensive practice, including fact drills, course tests, and recording forms for tracking progress. The Solutions Manual provides step-by-step solutions to all problems in the text and tests, ensuring complete understanding.



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