Saxon Algebra 2 3rd Edition Homeschool Kit with Solutions Manual


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Saxon Algebra 2 delves deeper into algebra and informal geometry. It covers an extensive range of topics, such as uniform motion, chemistry-related problems, simultaneous equations with 2 and 3 variables, non-linear equations, right-triangle trigonometry, conversions from rectangular to polar coordinates, vector addition, complex numbers, and quadratic formulas. Real-world, abstract, and interdisciplinary applications enhance student understanding of mathematical concepts. The curriculum incorporates a full semester of informal geometry, exploring geometric functions like angles, perimeters, proportional segments, negative exponents, metric conversions, logarithms, and advanced factoring. This 3rd edition features improved graphics, a revised glossary and index, and lesson reference numbers for all problem sets and tests, making it a well-rounded resource for advanced high school mathematics. The Solutions Manual is essential for breaking down complex algebraic concepts into understandable steps, aiding students in mastering algebra.

This set includes the Student Text, Answer Keys & Tests, Test Booklet, and Solutions Manual.