Science in the Atomic Age Textbook


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This laboratory-based, junior high science course covers a wide range of topics that are of interest to modern scientists. It starts by describing our current understanding of atoms, molecules, the chemicals that are necessary for life, DNA, and cells and journeys outward from organisms to ecosystem dynamics. These topics are all discussed in the context of history, explaining how specific scientific advances led to the scientific explanations that the students are being taught. This allows students to learn not only the current scientific understanding of these topics, but also how scientists reached that understanding. Throughout the course, God’s design in nature is highlighted, and topics in the creation/evolution debate are discussed. This course is focused on learning through experiments and other hands-on activities. While students will not do an experiment or activity every day they do science, they will have more days with an experiment or activity than days without one.

This book is a full year’s science curriculum, with students averaging 35-40 minutes of work every day. Experiments and activities use household items or things that are sold in supermarkets, drug stores, or hardware stores. Note: Answers to textbook review questions are found in Science in the Atomic Age Answer Key & Tests purchased separately.