Simple Color Synthesizer Kit


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Are you a maker, tinker, educator, or student looking for a conversational piece for on your desk, or something to tinker with while you are waiting for something to come up on your computer? This is just the kit for you. This kit will allow you to create any “synthetic” color you choose and demonstrate the physiology of color perception. These will actually be artificial colors — the mixing of only Red, Green, and Blue light in the right proportions tricks the brain into thinking a real color is being presented. The kit demonstrates using transistors for current control and the physiology of the eye. Soldering skills and tools are required. We recommend our Quality Tool Set for our kits that require soldering. Nine pages of instructional material are included. This is truly an educational kit for STEM, Art, and Maker Enthusiast. All parts are included, except for 3 AAA batteries. Recommended Age 10 and up (8 – 9 with an Adult).

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