Singapore Primary Mathematics Home Instructor’s Guide 5A (2022 Edition)


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Intended to accompany the Student Book, the Home Instructor’s Guide provides Student Book answers, select worked solutions, teaching ideas, and strategies to facilitate exploration, discussion, and student-centered learning. The front matter provides background on the program structure, lesson and concept development, and an overview of the Readiness-Engagement-Mastery model of learning. Table of Contents: -Chapter 1: Multi-Digit Whole Numbers 1A: Numbers to 10 Million 1B: Multiply by Tens, Hundreds, and Thousands 1C: Divide by Tens, Hundreds, and Thousands -Chapter 2: The Four Operations with Whole Numbers 2A: Order of Operations 2B: Multiply by a 2-Digit Number Fluently 2C: Word Problems: Multiplying by a 2-Digit Number 2D: Divide by Tens 2E: Divide by a 2-Digit Number 2F: Word Problems: Dividing by a 2-Digit Number 2G: Word Problems -Chapter 3: Addition and Subtraction of Fractions 3A: Add and Subtract Unlike Fractions 3B: Add and Subtract Mixed Numbers 3C: Word Problems -Chapter 4: Multiplication and Division of Fractions 4A: Product of Fractions and Whole Numbers 4B: Product of Fractions 4C: Product of Mixed Numbers 4D: Fractions as Division 4E: Divide a Fraction by a Whole Number 4F: Divide a Whole Number by a Unit Fraction -Chapter 5: Word Problems: The Four Operations of Fractions 5A: Word Problems -Chapter 6: Decimals 6A: Thousandths 6B: Rounding Decimals Note: Soft cover. Includes digital component and answers to Student Book.



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